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Non-destructive book scanning requires specialty equipment and experienced operation. ┬áScanGo™ a leader in book and archival scanning found that even the highest end automated equipment (over $100K USD) still puts rare and valuable books and manuscripts at risk of damage. And they should know : They completed a historic book scanning project United Stated Federal Government for the U.S. Federal Court's Library System. This project was mostly comprised of restricted historic and old /early /original Statue Sets. A majority of the books were rare ranging from the 1800's and early/mid 1900's, and as such could not be unbound. All the project books were scanned on their book scanners. The books ranged from extremely small approximately 3" H to more regular sized page but with book thicknesses in excess of 6". They scanned over 250,000 pages for this Federal Project, mostly on V-platen book scanners. However with such a diverse range of originals many of which were very fragile, we proceeded with a function over form philosophy making certain to fulfill the defined client objective of OCR effectiveness balanced extremely delicate handling of the rare originals. For examples, for larger books >2500 pages, they used their proprietary scanners that include our own ScanGo™ dynamic pressure conforming cradles, which allowed for optimal project imaging with least stress on these fragile and old books.

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